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DeepOnion ( ONION )


Coin name: DeepOnion
Coin symbol : ONION
Website: (there is you can find links to wallet and github if need and any information about coin )
bitcointalk ann:
Explorer :

Aactive devs + active and VERY BIG community
fast transactions and low fees.

Oh, did I mention it’s 100% anonymous? Not all only that, it’s got the coolest feature with DeepVault, in layman’s terms, it’s super secure file sharing feature of the wallet. You can verify that a file you sent or received is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with in any form.

This coin have huge potential.

Suggested by: Bykardinal


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  • 11 Dec, '17
    Who Kn0ws

    I'd like to inform those readers that DeepVault is a great feature for anyone who needs to keep files secured and unmodified. It uses hash verification on the blockchain to verify that the file has not been tampered with. This project has an amazing community along with active Devs pushing to make DeepOnion the best.

  • 11 Dec, '17

    Certainly worth adding based on how quickly the DeepOnion community has grown and how much the coins value has shot up in recent weeks!

  • 11 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion - is one of the most dynamically developing crypto currency! The volume of trading is constantly increasing, and its user community is growing exponentially! The reason for this is the unique technology of the coin! This standing coin will decorate itself with any exchanger!

  • 12 Dec, '17

    good work colleagues, here introducing the anonymous currency DeepOnion @DeepOnionx a great project based on Tor, its speed and unmatched features make it one of the best coins is 100% anonymous our community

  • 12 Dec, '17

    I believe that DeepOnion a very promising coin that could rise in the 01 and more time in 2018. Strong community, increased the price, the volume increase, all this testifies to the increased interest. Many updates to come, this will be the most advanced anonymous coin in the world.

  • 12 Dec, '17

    Already completed a couple of deeponion transactions myself and I have to say that this coin is legit. The transactions were completely anonymous thanks to the TOR browser and I felt much better when compared to traditional bitcoin transactions.

  • 12 Dec, '17

    This project has a huge community behind. And the value of coin was increasing massively over the past month. A sleeping giant and a great investment also for 2018 with all the new developments.

  • 12 Dec, '17

    I give my vote for DeepOnion, behind him there is a great future

  • 12 Dec, '17

    Guys you have to add DeepOnion. It's a very undervalued anonymous coin using Tor network and having unique tech that separates it from the rest of the coins. For example DeepVault allows users to determine whether or not a file has been changed or corrupted by enabling hash verification of the file.

  • 12 Dec, '17

    For listing in many exchange it will be great to the community of DEEP ONION. Coz this project is a promising and fast movement currency.

  • 12 Dec, '17
    Oyewale Alabi (crypto_alabi)

    I just upvote the deeponion here now, vote 52. I'd very much like to see deeponion getting listed on this exchange. It is a great cryptocurrency with great potential. It's been listed on various markets already. It is a legitimate coin that gives total anonymous and complete privacy to its users via its deepsend and DeepVault as it operates on TOR network. Deeponion is highly recommended coin that will soon overtake the cryptocurrency market.

  • 12 Dec, '17

    First of all i would like to thank you for moving exchanges to next level where every member can control their own coins that for sure the first concept of privacy which introduced by DeepOnion plus Deepsend & Deepvaults innovation By DevTeam and the project already supported by huge community i hope to see it there .
    Good luck
    Arabic translator of DeepOnion Project

  • 12 Dec, '17

    First of all I'd like to say that I completely agree with all the other comments here and that DeepOnion is a really solid Cryptocurrency with an awesome community and a team of developers behind it. If you guys check the Roadmap you can see that these guys are not joking around, but are about to release awesome features in the near future!
    DeepOnion is definitely worth adding in your exchange, please consider it.

  • 13 Dec, '17

    I am currently a member of DeepOnion community and my experience with it has been pretty gratifying, I've seen how the project has evolved and its community growing each day, no doubt DeepOnion will generate huge volume in near future, very promising crypto with interesting and useful upcoming features.

  • 13 Dec, '17

    Voted up. Why? Simply because I like fried onion rings )) Oh, come on, I'm joking!
    I like DeepOnion for many cool things, which one? Take, for example TOR nodes - what is it for? It is privacy man! Your and mine! If we agreed that I will buy a game from you, I can pay you with DeepOnion and no one knows!
    DeepSend will make payments even more stealthier then ever!
    Or take DeepVault, for just for 0.1 onion, you store in blockchain signed copy of job contract and no one can change it! Cool!

  • 13 Dec, '17

    As the most promising cryptocurrency in the future, I definitely support deeponion

  • 13 Dec, '17

    I hope to see Next Exchange adding DeepOnion coin since it seems like it as big growth potential and a growing community support. he coin went from under 1$ to 4$ in a short amount of time and I think price will continue to grow, especially as soon as it will start to get adding to more exchanges and more people will get access to investing.

  • 13 Dec, '17
    Muneer Ahmed

    I have also the deeponion cryptocurrency and the community,the airdrop make many guys hold some onion in hand . The price seems rising good this year . It could be a good investment from now on .

  • 13 Dec, '17

    Deeponion forum is very hot, it seems that next year's dark horse.

  • 13 Dec, '17

    i believe deeponion is a real promising coin with best features and gradual rising factor which is the reason behind its fame and the dev team along with the warm community of deeponion they put their utmost efforts to earn fame and repo for deep onion which itself is a promise for the perfect future

  • 14 Dec, '17

    deep onion keep on hitting ATH its been near $4 on cryptopia .
    everybody should now buy and hodl to their deep onion its very undervalued right now.
    people who missed bitcoin right now is the best opportunity.
    i love the community and the FORUM the mods and devs. are very active and friendly.

  • 14 Dec, '17
    David Lee

    Support the DeepOnion,and protect our invest!

  • 14 Dec, '17

    I have some deep onion coins, I plan on accumulating over the next couple of years, as i believe this currency will be a major contender for number 1 anonymous currency. The community is extremely strong and growing everyday, the developers are well and truly on the ball, and aren't afraid to bring in other experts in certain fields of crypto if need be, and are very active, deep onion is expanding big time.

  • 14 Dec, '17
    Barsik Kot

    I have coins deeponion. I plan that very soon the coin will grow. I believe in deeponion. the project is very good. thank you very much. deeponion the best)

  • 14 Dec, '17

    I have been turned my BTC saving to be deep onions, it should be a fastest growing cryptocurrency in end of this year and next year. I have a highly expectation of this good project. The features of 100% anonymous, safe etc. will be wildly use in the future business.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    I also support the DeepOnion. Privacy is very important nowadays, and this TOR enabled crypto is the perfect answer. Also, the community and developers are very friendly and active. The coin is undervalued at the moment, so this is the right time to join !

  • 14 Dec, '17

    I hope DeepOnion is getting better and better, and I hope more people will join in and choose it won't regret.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    You should consider deeponion seriously. It has a strong community and features like TOR connection and fast transactions. It should be great if there is in another market more.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    yeah DeepOnion is totally anonymous with Deepvault working. wallet connected to the TOR network . but their special feature is Deepsend which will make it more famous in the future. and their community is really great and expanding very fast. take a look at it guys.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is an anonymous cryptocurrency which is integrated with the TOR network. By hiding the identities of participants, DeepOnion protects its user’s identities from hackers, governments and anyone else who may have bad intentions. DeepOnion CryptoCurrency has so many features like DeepVault, DeepSend and VoteCentral.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    i have turned all my BTC into deep onion, after being apart of such a helpful community, you have a problem they fix it in seconds with thier quick replies/solutions. the features of this coin are what grabbed my attention. Probably the most anonymous coin especially with deepsend. deep vault secures any file you have. they are working on the plugins for thier commerce capabilties paying for something in onions after you just staked a bunch. I will be buying onions here soon, hopefully. needmore

  • 15 Dec, '17

    This currency uses the network tor, its transactions are fast, I hope it is part of the exchange because I need to make transactions with this currency.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is a real gem in the cryptoworld. It has gained a lot of value recently because of it's great project and the developments created by the devs. You must add this coin in this exchange, it certainly is a great opportunity for users.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is the best privacy cryptocurrency that will have the best features released very soon the DeepSend and Smart Contracts !

  • 15 Dec, '17

    which you said in this post,its 100% true.I really like all of the member staying with happily.
    I think in future onion will make some good thing for the onion member.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    Cryptocurrency space has gain the interest of many people and it will keep adding up. It's hard to find a good project where you can see the developer constantly tinkering the product to deliver and mods actively communicating to the community and this is a good sign for an infant project. Deeponion fit under this category with their unique technology deepvault where I can make sure that my files and document are not tempered and privacy will be a major concern for people in the years to come.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    A lot of the people I know are now extremely interested to buy Deep Onion. The demand for this privacy coin is tremendously increasing each day because the literacy of people about the importance of security and privacy has significantly increased. People from all over the world are so aware that it won't take too long before we would encounter security problems with our online financial transactions. Deep Onion has been triumphant in addressing this problem by making the coin extremely private

  • 15 Dec, '17

    There is a huge community behind DeepOnion. Adding it will surely drive more traffic to your exchange! You wont be sorry.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    I voted for DeepOnion, because I saw in the coin a great potential in investing, the rapid growth of the rate and the maximum efforts of the developers take the coin as the leader !!!

  • 15 Dec, '17

    Deeponion USES the tor network to implement the digital currency anonymous encryption function, and the latest deepvalue&deepsend technology to ensure the security of the files, I expect a lot from it, haha

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is an anonymous, tor integrated POS/POW coin, with great community and support, you should consider adding it as soon as possible.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    I have done some investment on deeponion. I like its community very much, as the community works very hard and also is very generous ( airdrop everyweek). Due to its advanced technology by using Tor network, I have great confidence on it. Do not miss it, guys.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    I highly recommend that you add DeepOnion to your exchange. The community behind this project is passionate and the project has extremely high momentum. This would drive large amounts of traffic to your exchange and large amounts of trading volume. DeepOnion is a privacy based coin which that leverages the TOR network to mask IP addresses of transactions. Privacy based coins have recently become an attractive area for investors to move their wealth into. Check them out at

  • 15 Dec, '17

    This coin is my dream.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion got my vote because I care about protecting our lives and I think anonymous cryptocurrencies will have a huge grow next year. Well among all other anonymous...sure Deeponion is the best, more innovative and full of cool features.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    i think the deeponion community is more useful :) and easy to gain points :)

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is just starting, it will move the altcoin market in 2018Q1. Check its fast and strong growing community, his clean and fast chain, with mixed PoS. I have great expectations for DeepOnion in a close future.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is a really solid cryptocurrency with an amazing community and a team of developers behind it, it works under the TOR network and has innovative features like deepvault and deepsend.
    It is worth adding DeepOnion in your exchange, consider it.

  • 15 Dec, '17

    It's very good that the Deeponion is added to this rating system and everyone can appreciate it!
    Personally, I like this project very much!

  • 15 Dec, '17

    I love DeepOnion for many reasons. Strong community (for me this is key to create a long term coin and project), fully anonymous altcoin (key as well for me to get back our privacy for our asset and transactions), awesome development to really ensure the best possible future for this cryptocurrency, carying for members and the integrity of the coin. One of the best crypto for the future in my mind.

  • 15 Dec, '17
    Franz Ferdinand

    Ulike many other alts, DeepOnions price grows constantly.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    Please support DeepOnion too, with a great development team and a strong community behind, $Onion just can't be wrong to have in any exchange.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    The DeepOnion strong Team & strong community grows DeepOnion & make potential & it will be grows more further I believe.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    Mostly deeponion users admire how deeponion has its anonymity.But it also has many more features like deepvault and its tor nwtwork. It would be nice of many more people would and recognize how great this coins is.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion - decentralized anonymous cryptocurrency,which has a greater future. Who have not yet joined DeepOnion family - I recommend you not to hesitate

  • 18 Dec, '17

    I'm a 19 years old student and i don't have a lot of money. But boy, am i glad that i found this project a while ago.
    I researched it for quite a bit until i wanted to invest in it, so i did. Eventually, what made me do so was the great Dev-team and all the features of this project. The developers team is super-active and with features like deepvault and the upcomming DeepSend (You almost can't get more anonymous on the internet lol) this project will gain much more attention in 2018.
    Good luck.

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Deeponion is a good coin to key in to. It's a great coin good for hodling. It keeps doing well even it's not yet on many markets. So listing it here on will be a boost to it

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Deeponion is a great coin servise and it incrasing day by day. so i recommend that who have not join with deeponion family. it is high time to join with deeponion

  • 19 Dec, '17

    All greetings Deeponion is an anonymous crypto currency since it is connected to the Tor network and with every new day all the powerful gaining admirers

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Hello guys , DeepOnion community is a really good place its totally anonymous and it uses the TOR browser for that . I suggest people to take a look at the DeepOnion community and once you are in you can know more and more about it .

  • 19 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is the best crypto currency. I never see before like this coin. I Expect it will be become most popular and future crypto currency.

  • 19 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is both a cryptocurrency coin and great forum. I started to use the forum even to keep me in the loop with crypto market. There's a lot of interesting people there and it's nice to share opinions with other crypto enthusiast like me. The project is also great, with great technology behind. Thanks DeepOnion :)

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Secrecy coins are the next BIG thing and adding DeepOnion will give the members the choice of a good project. DeepOnion has a great supportive community and involved moderators that maintains a high level of order on their forum.

    Looking at all the features that DeepOnion offer and the roadmap I believe this will be a good addition to the exchange.

  • 20 Dec, '17
    shusmoy babu

    DeepOnion comes with tons of Features such as DeepVault,Paper Wallet and also an Android Mobile Wallet is in our way.
    those features are great but the thing I like most is their Community!
    its awesome with Moderators and members that are doing their job ao well not because it is their job but for the love of onions.
    and its growing rapidly too!!!
    its amazing!! :)

  • 20 Dec, '17

    that's why I like deeponion so much and recommend everyone about deeponion all members and mods are so active and this community is improving day by day , I think it will overtake other cryptocurrency till 2018 :)

  • 20 Dec, '17

    Deeponion is growing day by day. It is worth it. As it provides a great level of privacy. Without a doubt it is the up and coming currency of the future. As deeponion community is strong . It is worth it.

  • 20 Dec, '17

    Hi. deeponion really awesome.. it is payment onion. and onion price has going to up day by day. so evreyone us this

  • 20 Dec, '17

    I know deeponion from my friend yesterday. he tell me about deeponion profit and he get many onion every week. he tell me about deeponion is like invest because every week we can get 7% of our investation. it is very profitable. my friends now is very rich with deep onion. he buy expensive food everyday.
    i think i will invest in the deep onion.

  • 20 Dec, '17

    Hello all readers!
    I would like to tell you one thing, if you still thinking about joining to DeepOnion Airdrop.


    Just stop think and simply join. It is not too late, there is more then 15 Airdrops ahead, so why waste time, join our community today!

  • 21 Dec, '17

    deeponion has the potential to dominate the world this is the coin of future with features that mostly no coin has hope it will do more than our expectations

  • 21 Dec, '17

    Anonymity will be on price when all of the government regulations kick in and the DeepOnion fills in this spot perfectly.

  • 21 Dec, '17
    saleh akram sawon

    Deeponion is the best crypto all.kinkd of currency.It famous for his tor network also its so secured.For his Deepvault its very interesting.its have also a huge community.I hope future its top so rapidly.

  • 23 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is a decentralized currency of the future which carries the protected anonymity. Online DeepOnion family please join us. Soon we will dominate and you will not regret that came to us on time. Purchase DeepOnion coins now at a favorable price then this may help you to get rich.

  • 23 Dec, '17

    Check it out please. Cool rap song . DeepOnion style .

  • 23 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion makes your session private because it is on the TOR Network. This coin is the next privacy coin on the history.

  • 23 Dec, '17

    Developed by the community for the community to become the leading coin in anonymity and privacy protection. DeepOnion is going to outperform the rest by utilizing TOR to protect the transaction identity. With a solid and active community, I vote DeepOnion.

  • 26 Dec, '17

    DeepOnion is the best anonymous and private cryptocurrency
    you can add it to this exchanger

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Hi all,
    I'm not the best on computers so finding it difficult to buy Deep onion,
    can someone tell me the best way to buy.

  • 31 Dec, '18

    Add DeepOnion as a new cryptocurrency in this exchange. There a lots potential to be a step ahead of the future cryptocurrency.. #deepvault

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