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Elixir (ELIX)


Elixir is a base token for a lending service that will analyze financial transactions and reward borrowers for paying off loan installments on time. In addition, the lending service will eliminate the need to pay for brokers.

These incentives and automatic recourse will give the lending system an advantage over both fiat currencies and other virtual currencies. In the long term, this financial service will form the backbone of an artificial intelligence engine capable of motivating consumers to make sound financial decisions.

Elixir is mined through transfers between pairs of addresses. In the lending service, these pairs of addresses will correspond to parties completing financial agreements.

Suggested by: Adam Saab

Planned Tokenmarket

Comments: 48

  • 14 Dec, '17

    Elix is going to revolutionize the 1.5 trillion dollar lending market.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    Hopefully it gets added!

  • 14 Dec, '17

    A project with great potential!

  • 14 Dec, '17

    ELIX is great! Would love to see it on Next.Exchange.

  • 14 Dec, '17

    ELIX is the best investment ever

  • 14 Dec, '17

    yes. very good

  • 15 Dec, '17
    Bill Curtis

    ELIX is about to become the first P2P lending platform. Devs are so dedicated, this would be shameful to prevent it from expanding by not listing it. The mobile application is yet to be released but some use case demonstrations have been done through the regular updates on a weekly basis. The MVP will be available by December 2017/January 2018. Let us support this amazing project which will be useful to billions of people in a near future.

  • 15 Dec, '17
    Jon Doe

    This is moonshot worthy

  • 15 Dec, '17

    Unique, non ICO funded project with hardworking Developers. Elixir is the real deal and for sure not just a marketing gimmik.

  • 15 Dec, '17
    Syed Ali

    Elix is a unique coin not just a clone of other coins. Elix deserves to be listed on every exchange!

  • 15 Dec, '17

    Elix never lets you down. This is gentlemen $-)

  • 16 Dec, '17
    Vong Corleone

    No hype, non ICO, with smart developers. Major potential use for the token.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    Elix wants is aiming to disrupt the 42.3 trillion global lending market ( 1.5 trillion u.s) it is well organised and work has been brisk towards mvp and devs show nice demos and keep us up to date . 3 months old no ico and one hellava motivated dev team/ kickass community . please add! Tank ya!

  • 16 Dec, '17

    This is one of the more decent projects out there among the low market cap coins.
    Most of them are just hot air. But Elixir actually has a lot of potential. Definitely worth adding.

  • 16 Dec, '17

    I would like to see Elixir in Bittrex or Binance

  • 18 Dec, '17
    Graham C.

    Just checked it out, looks pretty amazing to me and finally a project which gives their tokens a real usecase, beside been a cryptotoken. Really excited to install the app in Q1 2018 and start lending :) HUGE UPVOTE FOR REAL USECASE

  • 18 Dec, '17

    wow, if they keep their promises this is going to be huge. just bought 20k elix, if it stays at around $.20 i will increase my position by 200%. hope it dips one more time back to $.15 then i will buy even twice as much. lol i'm so excited about the new website.

  • 18 Dec, '17

    ELIX is underestimated! this is great coin.

  • 18 Dec, '17

    ELIX is exactly what the lending market needs

  • 19 Dec, '17

    Elix is bringing the future to lending without the need for all the red tape... huge move up is a guarantee. It would only help the exchange to list a coin such as elixir.

  • 20 Dec, '17

    ELIX!!!!!!!!!!! enough said...

  • 21 Dec, '17

    Elixir es una buena inversión a futuros. Ya cuenta con un 60% del circulante total en el mercado.
    Pronto empezará a subir como la espuma y conseguirá los primeros puestos del mercado de las cryptomonedas.

  • 22 Dec, '17

    Huge potential.

  • 23 Dec, '17

    Elix moonn

  • 23 Dec, '17

    When the identity of the developer that is behind this project is published, it will be in the top 100 in the next moment

  • 23 Dec, '17

    This is gentlemen!

  • 23 Dec, '17

    Would love for Elixir to get added to Next Exchange. It'd give me a reason to start using it instead of some of the other exchanges.

  • 23 Dec, '17

    This is what crypto needs to bring it to the masses

  • 23 Dec, '17

    this coin is gonna do so well. so glad i got into this early

  • 24 Dec, '17
    Blake Jones


  • 24 Dec, '17

    Elix has huge potential. It definitely deserves to be added on big exchanges

  • 24 Dec, '17

    I’m looking to move my money into a new exchange. If ELIX is on this exchange, it would make it easy for me to choose this over Binance, since ELIX still isn’t listed on their site. I hate managing portfolios on multiple exchanges, so if this site is reputable and has ELIX, I will move my $100k+ funds here.

  • 24 Dec, '17

    Truly amazing project! No ICO, very hard working devs that are giving weekly updates, alpha version almost done, public github with demo’s to test, the list goes on and on. Give ELIX what it deserves! Thanks a lot!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    ELIX is a great project, one of a few out there that is really serious with a fabulous team and vision. 2018 will be a breakthrough, not only in price but in all other aspects. Go ELIX!!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    Elix, the hidden gem of 2017!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    Well worth consideration, see their demos on Github for some examples of the different types of loans they'll implement. Very strong concept, looking forward to seeing final implementation.

  • 24 Dec, '17

    This will revolutionize the world of lending in our era Go Elix!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    Ambitious devs and a project with a huge potential!

  • 25 Dec, '17

    The thing i'm looking forward to is lending money to friends and family. Normally you wouldn't really get anything out of lending to friends or family, asking or expecting interest would make you look bad. But with Elixir, I can actually get something back, other than good feelings.

  • 25 Dec, '17

    It's more than a project, it's a way of life, ELIX forever, it's the future of cryptos

  • 26 Dec, '17

    Great investment of 2018. $12 ahead

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Hope more people can open their eyes for this project, especially when the new site and product is released. We need widespread adoption for it to work at its best!

  • 02 Jan
    Graham C.

    Elix would be.great on, it is performing really well over the past weeks. Already $1.20 after it.started on kucoin exchange in december with a price of $.30

  • 03 Jan

    Elixer is the future , this really needs to be added. This project will be worth hundreds of millions. Already over two million trading volume a day

  • 06 Jan
    Charlie L.

    BIG MONEY, NO WHAMMIES!!! This will easily be the best investment of 2018. It's amazing what they're able to do with such a small team.

  • 06 Jan

    add Elixer to next exchange it is one of the best tokens out there

  • 08 Jan
    Jeff Z

    It's really Next Exchange's loss, if ELIX isn't added soon

  • 10 Jan

    To be added!

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