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Global universal cryptocurrency. Made in Germany.

Suggested by: T. Merge

Under consideration

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  • 21 Dec, '17
    Rob schaap

    One of the most promising startups!

  • 21 Dec, '17

    Amazing coin, amazing growth, great tech!

  • 21 Dec, '17

    add please

  • 21 Dec, '17

    Go, ALQO, Go!
    Next generation crypto currency! Just read roadmap! One of the most locked in MN coin! Over 60%!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    One of my favourite projects for 2018! Some of the most professional devs in crypto space! This is gonna be HUGE in the next months!! Let’s go Alqo!

  • 24 Dec, '17

    One of the most promising start ups in recent crypto history - you see it in the active community and in the most locked coins percentage wise in masternodes of all MN coins

  • 25 Dec, '17

    Ridiculously promising for 2018. The devs managed to create an ecosystem after 4 weeks - like hosting service for masternodes, mobile apps for mn reward tracking, coinfolium for portfolio tracking etc. And last but not least they have one of the very nicest and most helpful community in the crypto world.

  • 25 Dec, '17
    Interplanetary Observatory

    Look like they are looking for astronauts

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Just perfect project!

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Never had to restart a masternode, that is a first.

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Most promising coin, professional team, most locked coins in masternode, excellent communication. Looking forward to see alqo in next exchange.

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Prepare yourselves. Alqo is coming.

  • 27 Dec, '17
    Panic User

    Amazing performance.
    Can’t w8 for more.

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Really promising start so far. Very good ideas. Devs and community are active and determined to create the next big think in crypto! Definitely going to be one of the big winners in 2018 and should be supported. What I do atm:D

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Great start up and has a bright future. Already growing fast

  • 27 Dec, '17
    Monotone Bard

    2018 is going to be the year of ALQO

  • 27 Dec, '17

    ALQO seems like a promising project. Great community with a lot of support.

  • 27 Dec, '17
    mr. x

    Nice developers, German product :D so what I could say, it will be an amazing coin like LISK

  • 27 Dec, '17
    Chris Mason

    Absolutely love the potential

  • 28 Dec, '17

    add it. The people will follow

  • 28 Dec, '17

    A RaiBlocks plus...

  • 28 Dec, '17

    The Alqo team have brought incredible sophistication and combined this with ease and utility. The crypto space is crying out for a coin that can be easily merged into everyday life for everyday people. If they look after users as well as they’ve looked after miners/investors/stakers this will be the project to watch.

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Love the possibilities here.

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Top Tier coin

  • 28 Dec, '17
    mounika Vardhan

    Again virtual creation ,let's see what heights it will reach compared to the previous one.All the best.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Got to know through my friend. Wish cryptos change the fortunes and lives. #playingsafe

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Great devs and community. very promising

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Top coin, very easy setup masternode, great potential and devs

  • 29 Dec, '17
    Phash - nothing more to say

  • 29 Dec, '17

    will bring lots of liquidity.

  • 02 Jan

    Coin with solid products and team, it will be a huge miss if this coin exploded on other exchange.

  • 04 Jan

    Plz list ALQO

  • 07 Jan

    Solid coin, great team, best community...its only the beggining

  • 07 Jan

    Promising (proof-of-stake) coin!

  • 07 Jan

    Crypto needs ALQO!

  • 07 Jan

    Amazing stuffs coming from Alqo team in 2018...Liberio, Bitfineon etc.! LIVE Q&A was great, very informative and happy to see that devs have really clear ideas and plans! Hodling tight my ALQOs!

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