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DNA by EncrypGen


The DNA token is a “utility” token used solely as the medium of exchange of genomic data on our private blockchain. It is available for purchase on various exchanges, and will be sold here through our website soon. Licensed Gene-Chain nodes, and individuals uploading and making available their data to the nodes, use the token as the means of payment for exchanges of genomic data.

Suggested by: David Koepsell

Under consideration

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  • 25 Dec, '17

    Great coin with a promising future ahead.

  • 25 Dec, '17

    First mover of the genetics sector of blockchain crypto tokens. Once this has the attention of the crypto community it will be at least a top 100 crypto currency in market cap and volume, if not far better.

  • 25 Dec, '17

    Gene-Chain portal
    Consumer lite app
    DNA testing kits

    January news:
    Commercial app

    Great future ahead for this

  • 26 Dec, '17

    Good project. Cant wait till april...

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Too many great news in coming with this token $DNA, the team is really strong 💪

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Prajeesh Karat

    Good Initiative ..

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Benjamin M.

    One of the less projects with a real usecase, an active team, nice and personal communication channels and for me and my mates the no1 coin out there.

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Richard Koepsell

    Terrific idea!

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Richard Koepsell

    Terrific idea and brilliant service!

  • 29 Dec, '17
    Chester Zborowski

    Ahead of the pack. Finally a marketplace for genomic data.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Great project managed by good team

  • 29 Dec, '17
    Will O'Brien

    Solid innovation for a real world, needed blockchain application executed brilliantly by a talented team.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Very Very huge coin, with a real utility

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Real company with real product ready to sell. Unlike most of crypto companies with hundreds of millions
    in cap and only having white paper. Encrypgen is definitely the winner of 2018

  • 29 Dec, '17

    This will be world changing!

  • 29 Dec, '17
    ricky spanish

    So glad i bought into this groundbreaking tech before it hit mainstream. This is sure to disrupt the entire industry.

  • 31 Dec, '18

    Very unique project, with a good basis in scientific research.

  • 01 Jan
    Cirene P

    This looks like an amazing project!

  • 02 Jan

    This project is going to do some awesome things in 2018. Definitely a first mover with an awesome unique idea.

  • 02 Jan

    Encrypgen (DNA) is an excellent, solid project with a fantastic team and a promising future.

  • 02 Jan
    Apollo San

    1. Has a working product that partners/customers can use.
    2. Has paying clients already and are adding more.
    3. Is the first mover in storing genomic data securely, under your private control on the Blockchain.
    4. Is the first mover in a soon-to-be 20 billion USD Genomics market.

    This makes it a low-risk long term HODL and must have in your portfolio. It is undervalued as the team is focused on the product right now, helping us take back control of our private genetic data.

  • 02 Jan
    Swiss Boy

    it's my pick for 2018

  • 02 Jan

    DNA has a great international team of scientists, techs and sales people, has a strong use case, and solves a very real and important problem for genomic data privacy. Such a innovative and needed use for blockchain, already with paying customers and only a around $30m cap. There's so much room to grow and such promise!

  • 03 Jan

    this is the ONLY blockchain project trying to both provide health information AND digital security! glad to be an early investor. this will be a very long hold for me.

  • 03 Jan

    This will change the world

  • 03 Jan

    I'm gonna buy some now. i'm really excited about DNA project

  • 10 Jan

    This is great coin!

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