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Sumokoin (SUMO)


Sumokoin is a fork of Monero by four developers who actively work on this coin since half 2017 and have reached their roadmap milestones so far. Mobile wallet follows in Q1 2018. Sumokoin implements a few features that make it better than Monero on various fronts. Better privacy, better wallet GUI and other specifics make it a good sister of Monero. There is no competition with Monero; the Devs share their knowledge with Monero Devs. The vision is being the best privacy coin.

Small as it still is, an excellent growth coin.

Suggested by: Wekkel


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  • 26 Dec, '17

    Interesting coin

  • 26 Dec, '17
    Odd Teng

    Loving what the devs have done so far. Both the project and community are great!

  • 26 Dec, '17
    wane maple

    great project with very active devellopers

  • 26 Dec, '17

    IMHO this is the coin with the biggest potential to grow in price and usage in 2018

  • 26 Dec, '17

    SUMO deserves this!!

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Please add Sumokoin to give this coin better liquidity

  • 27 Dec, '17

    Sumokoinn is a true privacy currency that builds on the Legacy of Monero and enhances it with nifty new features. This is a solid privacy coin!

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Tony Truong

    Sumokoin is a great coin with a caring community

  • 28 Dec, '17

    I believe it’s one of the best privacy coins out there! Please add to enhance liquidity!

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Watching this project since September, I really do think this coin has potential for both users and exchanges...

  • 30 Dec, '17
    Alejandra Herrera

    Please add sumokoin

  • 01 Jan

    Add this little beast please

  • 03 Jan
    Karsten Berwanger

    Great coin and one of the best teams I had to deal with. Great job!

  • 03 Jan

    Please sumokoin team. Poloniex or Bittrex, the bigger exchange the better for all the investors!!

  • 03 Jan
    steven ly

    Sumo would be a great coin to add to an exchange.

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