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Datacoin (DTC)


The Datacoin project started in 2013. Data is stored in the blockchain forever and can be retrieved using a transaction hash as an identifier.
Developers can store torrent files, certificates, HTML pages and other kinds of meta-information in the Datacoin blockchain. Windows users can use a GUI wallet and Linux users can compile datacoind or Datacoin-QT from source (see instructions). Mac users can download Datacoin-Qt.dmg. An online wallet is also available. More wallets are in development, and more features are being added, but the wallet’s current functionality is similar to other coins.
Coin Specifications:
Primecoin-fork: same PoW method as Primecoin.
1 minute blocks
Total supply of 2,000,000,000 coins (approx 28 000 000 mined so far)
Exchange: BTCPOP Exchange.

Suggested by: Miles Jacobs


Comments: 6

  • 28 Dec, '17
    Miles Jacobs

    Please add Datacoin. And everybody vote - we know it is only a matter of time before this coin prevails.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Datacoin is a good coin, I like it.

  • 01 Jan

    Please consider adding Datacoin - thanks

  • 09 Jan

    support datacoin

  • 09 Jan

    Datacoin is a great crypto with a promising future, please add

  • 10 Jan

    vote for datacoin!

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