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Rupaya is a cryptocurrency created for the South Asia region. The region has some unique problems that limit the adoption of conventional cryptocurrencies. Issues like electricity and lack of internet access limit the use of Western cryptocurrencies for remittance and payment processing. The Rupaya blockchain combines the POW and POS architecture provide merchants, investors and ordinary consumers a cryptocurrency they can use.

Suggested by: Shao Lin

Under consideration

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  • 27 Dec, '17

    Rupaya coin is a great project me fully back it

  • 27 Dec, '17

    We are a small community, I hope we can be suggested to get on another exchange to help our influence grow.

  • 27 Dec, '17

    plz add rupaya

  • 28 Dec, '17

    Yes please add rupaya!

  • 29 Dec, '17
    Rendy Setyawan

    Add rupaya yo...

  • 29 Dec, '17

    This is the revolution that is going to bring crypto to the subcontinent.

  • 29 Dec, '17

    Rupaya is a must.

  • 31 Dec, '18
    Luke Wells

    Please include Rupaya on your exchange, this project has been running since 2014. With a stable platform like next exchange Rupaya can grow !

  • 02 Jan
    Joker 7

    Great project !!
    Good DEV !!
    enjoy guys

  • 04 Jan
    Durere Jesee

    Nice Idea.
    please add rupaya.

  • 04 Jan
    Shahid Mahmood

    It would be great to see Rupaya on a stable exchange. Greetings to the Rupayans around the world ! I am Shahid from Pakistan

  • 06 Jan

    Add support for Rupaya please, Thank you

  • 06 Jan

    This coin is really nice, we should have it on next exchange. Its super fast!

  • 06 Jan

    pipik heartily recommends!

  • 08 Jan
    A Malik

    Yes as a southasian i feel this Cryptocurrency should be added to this exchange. This will do big!

  • 08 Jan

    I like the concept of Rupaya, and the cool part is they are hardforking and adding the new feautures.

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