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CraftR Token


Symbol CRFT
Name CraftR Token
Type POW/POS Coin
Algo Scrypt
POS Percentage 100% Per Year
Block Reward 200 CRFT
Max Supply 105'000'000 CRFT
Premine 21'000'000 CRFT
Confirmations 10 blocks
Coinbase Maturity 10 blocks
Minimum Age 5 hours
Target Spacing 64 seconds
RPC Port 26746
P2P Port 26745

Suggested by: softwork

Under consideration

Comments: 11

  • 07 Jan

    Yes...I am very see my favorite token..will be trade in NEXT Exchange...

  • 07 Jan

    Please add the Craft Token into the exchange. That would be awesome.

  • 07 Jan

    This coins is amazing, i hope this coins can be added to here and the other markets

  • 07 Jan

    Please add this up and coming coin to your exchange! It has a great community and developers behind it!

  • 07 Jan

    please add craftr

  • 07 Jan

    I'm with craftR

  • 07 Jan
    Rafael Martins

    By the addition of the Craft coin for the benefit of CryptoCoins

  • 07 Jan

    I wish the craft community the best of wishes and prosperity in this new year.

  • 08 Jan
    A Malik

    Should be listed 100%

  • 09 Jan

    I see an excellent possibility to enhance the value of this great coin. Let's make it real!

  • 10 Jan
    Rosellie Dawami

    rosellie#0037 discord

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