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Loan or Lease is a cryptocurrency project that is developing a decentralized network of masternodes that run a smart contract peer-to-peer lending platform for cryptocurrency only. We have recently seen the rise and current trend of cryptocurrency lending platforms, with both good and bad results. The problem is, they are all ran with a central party or man in the middle, holding all the funds. We wanted to create a lending network that was ran by the community and the people themselves. This means there will be no central server. We will have masternode holders running the net-work world-wide with great incentives to keep them running.

There will also be a PoS[Proof of Stake]% reward for anyoneto be able to hold LOL in their wallet and help contribute node support.

LoanOrLease have sold all Masternode packages and the alpha will be released in Q4 2018

Suggested by: Raul

Under consideration

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  • 03 Jan

    Great project with a good team and real utility!

  • 04 Jan

    I'm very excited about the future of LOL. I thought that it was a wonderful concept and invested

  • 04 Jan

    Moon, Mars and Mercury!

  • 04 Jan
    Maiki Sozen

    Still world can be changed, yes, with LOL and US.

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