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The Movement | Fully Decentralized Organization | VR Headquarter - (MVT)


The Movement is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is entirely owned and shaped by its participants. By harnessing the power of the Ethereum computing platform and related cutting-edge technologies, the world's first fully crowdsourced DAO is being created. Without any central leader and built from the ground up, the Movement supports humans on the internet to come together and create freely.

This is where you can reach us as the Movemement is being shaped:

Suggested by: Alberto

Planned Announcement to be made soon.

Comments: 11

  • 05 Jan

    I love this coin, for humanity!

  • 05 Jan

    Awesome project with awesome team and community!

  • 06 Jan

    Movement is going to be 5$ for sure!

  • 07 Jan

    The Movement! Connect and create

  • 07 Jan
    yavuz ├želik

    mind-blowing job

  • 07 Jan
    yavuz ├želik

    good job blowing

  • 07 Jan
    Seyi Ola

    Movement has been on for sometime now. I think this is one of the currently undervalued project in cryptocurrency. The future is bright for Movement. Connect and Create..Plz add this

  • 08 Jan

    The future of the internet will intersect with Virtual Reality and change everything.

  • 08 Jan
    Herman Alin

    I wish this great coin to be listed on your exchange.

  • 08 Jan
    Herman Alin

    I wish that this coin be listed on this exchange.

  • 11 Jan

    the movement on, the future! decentralization!

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