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Creativecoin (CREA)


Creativechain has just launched its platform in Beta test phase and its coin Creativecoin (CREA) seems to be gaining more attention from the community and it needs to be present on decentralized exchanges as before the platform official release.
Creativechain is a foundation that develops free software technologies using blockchain decentralized networks. In a few weeks, it is going to be launched a platform for the registration and distribution of digital art content that certifies the authorship and license of any work or creation making them indelible. Users will be able to register and distribute their contents and it will give them the right to be owners of their cultural productions, without intermediaries. The result is an ecosystem of functions supported by smart contracts multisig or Smart Actions that liberate and empower both juridically and economically creative communities.

Suggested by: Ridjal Diallo

Planned Announcement to be made soon. High priority

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